Global Approach to Wealth

Prior to defining a discretionary or advisory mandate, Auris Wealth Management analyses the overall financial situation of each client. This enables us to offer you a multidisciplinary where elements such as fiscal, patrimonial and succession planning are included.


To enable a global view of your wealth, Auris Wealth Management facilitates a tailor made consolidated report of your overall wealth, including associated risks and return.

Financial Advice

We believe that the following steps are the foundation of value-add enhancements for a discretionary mandate:

- Definition of the appropriate risk/return adapted to the investment horizon

- Definition of the compatible investment universe (a preference for certain funds or shares or the wish to exclude certain sectors or shares, etc.)

- Asset allocation: Definition of the exposure to principal asset classes, tactical adjustments and strategies depending on the market development

- Definition and close monitoring of the key indicators and market performance

- Stock-picking and fund selection

- Our base philosophy is to establish a personalised connection with each client by the accompanying Investment Advisor, who is also responsible for the construction of the portfolio

With the aim to respond to the increasing complexity of the financial markets, the extension of the possible investment universe, as well as the frequent excess volatility, the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) will concentrate on the anticipation of these external factors and will propose a choice of investments adapted to each market environment to the Financial Advisors  

Alternatively, an advisory mandate can be implemented.

Risk Control

Independently of the attentiveness entrusted in each Investment Advisor (first line of defense), Auris Wealth Management operates an automatic tracking of the parameters of each mandate as well as the investment universe. The identification of potential breach of thresholds and/or temporary deviation of performance/risk comprises the second line of independent defense.