Dedicated to High and Ultra High Net Worth clients, Auris Wealth Management operates in Switzerland with all the necessary independence to ensure we always act in the best interest of the clients avoiding any conflict of interest.
Auris Wealth Management integrates financial advisors with knowledge and skills that are complementary. Their interests are automatically linked to the satisfaction and prosperity of the clients as they are associated with the company’s growth themselves.
Auris Wealth Management benefits from the experience, technical advancement and strengths of its parent company Auris Gestion based in Paris, as well as its partners, all while ensuring a complete independence adapted to each clients’ needs.

Open Architecture

Auris Wealth Management selects investments products from an open architecture platform, whether it’s funds or direct investments, in alignment with the objectives agreed for each mandate.

Our investment universe includes a large selection of specialised funds from both intermediaries and research institutions allowing for rapid identification of investment opportunities and entirely independent (not imposing own products) with a large diversification of investment styles and strategies.